Field report, Friedhelm Meichsner

Field report, Friedhelm Meichsner

Mulchmaster: Are you a private user of mulch mowers, a municipal user or a professional service provider?

Tester: My name is Friedhelm Meichsner, 57 years old, 2 chairman of a small garden club in Essen – in terms of area the largest facility of its kind in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Mulchmaster: What size areas do you mow? Do you also mow slopes/embankments? How often do you mow? How much time do you spend on this size of area? How long have you been mowing in general? Do you have any experience with mulching mowers/combination mowers?

Mr. Meichsner: Our area covers a total of 195,000 m², which is divided into 384 plots with a size of approx. 300 m². The rest is open space with, among other things, a large playground. Of the total area, we mow about a third with the Mulchmaster, some of it on slopes. Parallel to this, a ride-on mower is also used. Depending on the weather, we mow approximately every 2 weeks with a time commitment of 8 hours with both machines.

Mulchmaster: Do you dispose of grass clippings on your own property/at the mowing area or do you haul them to commercial/municipal green waste composting, etc.?

Mr. Meichsner: The disposal or green waste composting is done by means of containers.

Mulchmaster: How much time do you spend on this?

Mr. Meichsner: The time required for this is 1 – 2 hours every two weeks.

Mulchmaster: Do you have hedges and bushes on/near your lawn as well? Have you ever mulched hedge trimmings? Do you have deciduous trees on your lawn? Have you ever mulched leaves?

Mr. Meichsner: In addition to hedges and bushes, we also have deciduous trees in our area. Hedge clippings have also been mulched.

Mulchmaster: How do you rate the Mulchmaster mulch mowers, in terms of

– engine start
Mr. Meichsner: super à starts immediately

– mobility
Mr. Meichsner: also super à especially in combination with wheel drive

– wheel drive
Mr. Meichsner: Power galore and in abundance, convincing even on slopes

Mulchmaster: How satisfied are you with the mulching result of the Mulchmaster mulching mowers at

  • Cutting heights up to 15 cm Grass exit heights
    Mr. Meichsner: Very good results
  • even with wet grass
    Mr. Meichsner: better compared to other mulchers
  • thick turf
    Mr Meichsner: also good results

Mulchmaster: Have you been able to mulch leaves/hedge cuttings with the Mulchmaster? Are you satisfied with it?
Mr. Meichsner: Leaves and smaller branches could be mulched without any problems with a good result.

Mulchmaster: How do you rate the out-of-service setting of the Mulchmaster mulching mowers? Is the mulcher simply

  • Shutting down
    Mr Meichsner: yes
  • to clean
    Mr. Meichsner: easy to clean with the help of the enclosed wood scraper
  • to store?

Mr. Meichsner: Simple and space-saving storage

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