“Selective mowing”: ecological mowing – space for bees and ladybirds

“Selective mowing”: ecological mowing – space for bees and ladybirds

Selective mowing as near-natural lawn care

If you want to preserve the natural ecosystem when designing your lawn and at the same time bring contour to the lawn, you can find inspiration in English gardening at the beginning of the 20th century. “Selective Mowing” is the name of the principle that creatively shapes the lawn. Large parts of the lawn are to be left to nature so that wildflowers and herbs can establish themselves. Our insects will be pleased. To structure the lawn, plan a network of paths that are mowed for the first time in spring and kept short throughout the summer. The paths from the house to the compost, to the raised bed, to the swing or to the garden house lend themselves to being cut short and thus walkable. The Mulch Master is ideal for this type of lawn design. For one thing, the Mulch Master tames even wet, tall grass. And secondly, the grass cuttings are chopped up so that the moisture and nutrients are returned to the soil. The nutrient supply is ideal, especially for the heavily used path network. My tip for this season: Selective mowing!


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