DRK & Mountain Rescue Bad Salzungen Field Report

DRK & Mountain Rescue Bad Salzungen Field Report

Difficult terrain and steep slopes are not uncommon in the middle of the Thuringian Forest. The brine city of Bad Salzungen is also characterized by this. The volunteer community of the DRK & Bergwacht Bad Salzungen tested the Mulchmaster in this difficult terrain and shared their experiences with us:

“As a volunteer community, we have plenty to do throughout the year with training, operations and backups, and because time is notoriously in short supply, we were all the more pleased to receive the new mower.

The 3000 or so square feet of lawn we have to mow and mulch was done in no time. So far, no mountain meadows have been too steep for the powerful engine, even if the grass was a bit higher at times. We were also fully convinced by the three speed settings, even with the fastest setting we achieved a great result. Since the lawn mower is to be operated by many different people in our company, it is important to us that everyone can handle the machine, and this is also guaranteed.

Overall, we are very satisfied with the lawn mower. The 25% time savings is really something to be proud of!”

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