1. start, end, duration

The warranty begins with the date of purchase – acc. completed warranty card, dealer stamp and dealer invoice. The warranty ends with the expiry of 24 months from the day of handover (date of purchase) to the end user, with the exception of MWS motor devices that are used – even temporarily – for official or commercial purposes. In these cases, the warranty ends with the expiry of 12 months. Defects that have not been reported to an authorized MWS dealer or to MWS itself by the end of these periods do not constitute a warranty claim. The respective warranty claim expires 6 months after the discovery of the defect.

2. intended use

The intended use of the device includes exclusively the mowing of grass and lawn areas or the mulching of the same. Any use beyond this is considered improper. Within the scope of the intended use, the user is obliged to comply with the operating, maintenance and servicing conditions / instructions prescribed by the manufacturer. Unauthorized modifications (e.g. self-repairs or constructive changes) to this device exclude any liability on the part of the manufacturer for any resulting damage, and all warranty claims expire with the modification of the device. The manufacturer is not liable for damage to the machine or consequential damage to property or personal injury resulting from improper use, and no warranty claims can be made. The manufacturer reserves the right to remedy defects in the purchased goods by repair. Claims exceeding the warranty shall only exist within the scope of statutory provisions. There shall be no entitlement to a replacement delivery.

3. scope of application

The warranty does not cover natural wear and tear and wear caused by improper use (including overloading), as well as individual parts such as

– Filter elements,
– Spark plugs,
– Wheels,
– Bowden cables,
– Starter Ropes,
– V-belt,
– Knives,
– Knife screw, shear screw,
– washers, fuses, disc springs,
– Base holder,
– Height adjustments,
– Cut boiler, deformed support frames,
– torn off welding and attachment parts,
– Connection cable to the device

due to improper operation and transport and other wearing parts as well as any accessories that are not part of the standard equipment. Furthermore, the following are excluded from the warranty Maintenance, service and cleaning work, e.g. adjusting the Bowden cables or engine speed, travel times/costs to the end customer, handling charges excluded. Damage caused to third parties by the use of an “HM” MULCHMASTER in the Profield (commercial use), as well as damage to the unit as a result of improper, careless use or maintenance, neglect and impact damage to the unit (e.g. paint damage) are not covered by the warranty.
Exchanged parts shall become the property of MWS without compensation.
The MWS authorized dealer in charge of troubleshooting is not authorized to make legally binding declarations on behalf of MWS. The statutory warranty claims arising from the purchase contract in addition to the claims arising from this warranty are not restricted by this warranty.

4. handling of warranty claims/framework conditions with the service company

Before starting any warranty repair, it must be coordinated with MWS customer service using the warranty application and approved by them.
2. the labour costs shall be remunerated at the relevant MVA hourly rate. Travel costs, auxiliary materials, oils and materials which were not purchased from MWS or other expenses will not be reimbursed.
3. Invoices or payment deductions/offsets are not accepted for warranty processing. Remunerations shall be made exclusively by credit note.
4. Spare parts for warranty work will be invoiced to the service company in advance. If the return deadline stated on the invoice is met, the costs for the spare parts will be refunded and the reasonable repair costs will be reimbursed after clarification.
After the repair has been carried out, the defective parts must be returned to MWS together with the fully completed MWS warranty application (it is absolutely necessary to state the exact details according to the type plate) and the end customer invoice for the repaired MULCHMASTER within 8 weeks of acceptance of the repair (receipt of post is decisive). Guarantee applications received too late or incomplete applications cannot be processed, a claim for reimbursement expires upon expiry of the deadline.

Failure to observe the operating instructions and the installation instructions or any modifications to the device will invalidate any warranty claim!

As the manufacturer, we reserve the right to make changes to the device design at any time. Therefore, the information contained in the technical documentation is not binding and may be subject to change at any time.

In addition, we refer to our General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Delivery and Payment, which are accepted by you and form the basis of our business relationship.

The terms and conditions set forth herein may be updated at any time and shall apply as in effect at the time of loss.

The manufacturer accepts no liability for consequential damage of any kind resulting from improper operation or improper use of his equipment. At the same time, any claim for compensation within the meaning of the German Product Liability Act of December 1989 as amended shall expire.

Claims for damages shall be governed by the applicable statutory provisions subject to the exclusion of liability for negligence; in the event of injury to involved and uninvolved persons, MWS shall only be liable for intent.