PM 46 Battery

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46 cm cutting width, Briggs&Stratton Powerhead engine, plus Battery and charger, power button on handle bar, central cutting height adjustment, incl. ABS, weight: 30 kg, recommended area: up to 500 m².

“ATTENTION ! DO NOT FORGET to order accessories! The AKKU can be selected in the shop depending on the size of the area. Please also remember to order your charger if you don’t already have one.”


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PM 46 Battery


The professional battery-powered mulchmaster: small, light and quiet. With an anti-breakage system to protect the motor shaft in areas where it cannot be seen and a particularly quiet battery drive, the PM46 AKKU is already popular in cemeteries or in the vicinity of hospitals and schools. However, a professional cordless mulcher is also recommended for green areas in the inner city that are to be mowed during the day despite passers-by. Employees are also protected from health hazards caused by loud noise and/or strong vibrations from the mower.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 88 × 55 × 42 cm

Area recommendation until

500 m²

Cutting width

46 cm

Motor Rated power Speed rpm

B&S** Powerhead 1500 W @3000 Rpm

Switchable wheel drive
Central cutting height adjustment

5 levels 4.0 – 6.5 cm

Height adjustable guide rail



Start button on the handlebar

Wheel bearing

2-fold deep groove ball bearing

Steel chasis with tubular frame
Anti-breakage system
Dry weight (kgs)

30 plus Battery

Volume dB (A)

< 90

Mowing time Grass height max. 15cm

7 min/100 m²

ABS retrofit kit


sealable fuel cap

no – electric motor

Bar extension


Tricycle adapter



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